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Sometimes in the social media world of "disability forums" lines of discussions can degenerate into arguments of "gimper than thou".  Folks turn on one another over who should park where, who should use which stall, get put in the front of a line, the first row or get their gas pumped.  They argue over who should or shouldn't be in a wheel chair.  Let someone stand up or be able to walk even a few unaided steps and out come the stones.  I personally don't buy into any of that,  but I do know what it is to be judged by someone who doesn't know ANYTHING about my disability.  It is hard to know how to react to public ignorance because the loudest voice is often mistaken for that of authority.
Early days spent in front of mirrors, it was hard to both see the lines and forms my body was creating without getting caught up and distracted by the minutia all humans see in themselves as "flaws".  I dance with graceful, dynamic and athletic partners, but not one who didn't have some obsession with parts of themselves their "didn't like".   Everyone has something they WISH they  could do, and see others do it so well.  One might be able to hold a relev'e longer, or do a spin longer or a jump higher, and we both hanker and applaud each other's abilities.
In a physically integrated company, adaption works on all fronts.  Not only is each "wheelie" dancer working within the abilities of their own body, but also the capabilities of their AB partner.  In an occupation where uniformity in execution and body type is so often the norm, part of the art in the work I am involved in is the nuances in the acclimation of  our bodies and our movement.   We push ourselves, reach further, try anything.  Like in life, it is a balance to work within the real limits of physics and the true nature of the human desire to push beyond them.  The result of such sagacity and poise, I think, is a most sure footed way to move.

Long time no update, I know.  Yeah, my third pro year has been crazy busy.  We have a new AB, have added more pieces to last year's choreography, and the challenges have mounted with a busier schedule. All in all, it's been awesome and free time has been devoted to PT and sleep.  However, I've had this thought on my brain for a long while so there it is.


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