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Video of the author dancing and training for the March of DImes.      Please share this within ALL your networks, pretty pretty please
Hey Everyone, I've just posted a new video about my prep for an exciting event!  I will be participating this year in the March of Dimes of North Georgia 4 mile marathon as part of TEAM DUNCAN!  Duncan Lawrence is my super awesome nephew and is the Regional Ambassador for the event!  Please consider sponsoring me in the walk on April 12th at  
                   See motivation in action!!                        

Then use the link above to sponsor me as part of TEAM

DUNCAN and get me to my donation goal.  Getting

through the 4 miles, I'll take care of that!!
Come be a part of the movement.  You can walk or cheer us on. DONATIONS of $50 or more get you
your own TEAM DUNCAN t-shirt!   With logos like this
  (event info below)         Duncan Lawrence -- March for Babies 2013
Or if you wish you can go to
and order your very own shirt from the makers at Strong and Far (here's the logo)
go to the link below      
North Georgia Tri County

April 12, 2013
Ellijay Elementary
32 McCutchen Street
Ellijay, GA 30540
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I have a new post for "Back on the Floor" in the works, but since one of the things I love (with a million floaty hearts) is a great youtube that shows the joy and laughter dance can bring to anyone and everyday.  This one shows how Mom's "line dancing" and Son's "hip hop" meet in a wonderful wacky way! 

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 I wrote to Mr. Matt some time ago and received an email that said the new video was out.  Though they didn't make it to Atlanta this year, he liked my suggestion and wanted to point out the group at 1:10.  They, along with FRD are one of the 5 top integrated dance companies in the US, so I give them props.  

I was raised to "learn and respect the ways of one's host" to best honor them, and Matt does this here in a beautiful way. This is what dance does in the world.  Share with everyone.

The dancers in Syria are blurred for their safety. (and yet they danced anyway, that too, is bravery of the spirit)  

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 A bride's "Dirty Dancing" fantasy wedding dance......

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The longer you watch, the better it gets.... 

PS I've invited him to Atlanta.....

Rain Dance

Apr. 5th, 2012 11:49 am
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