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 For summer, let's play an "add on" version of D & D,  TOTALLY GIMP STYLE:  Here's a start:  A party of adventurer gimps, raiding the infamous "Castle of Inaccessibility".  They bring along siege-ramps to conquer the flight of stairs that leads to the bridge over the moat.  The elf-archer is equipped with grappling hooks and a winch that lets her roll up steep inclines and even sheer walls.  The mage has such spells as "Widen Hallway", and "Arcane Elevator".  The warriors chair is equipped with spiked wheels and a ram-plate.
They've heard a rumor of a prisoner, possibly the missing princess of the nearby kingdom of Radius.  If the stories are true she's being held in a cruel dungeon in which the bathroom sink is far to high and the grab bars around the toilet have been poorly secured with cheap screws from wal-mart. The Wheeled Warriors of Radius, though feared throughout the land for their instep-crushing battle prowess have been unable to breach the castle defenses because the cruel master of that fell domain has placed a large ficus-bearing planter in the middle of the castles only handicapped parking spot.......

(ADD your character and plot ideas in the comments below or Goggle plus or email me.  I am thinking this is TOTALLY do-able!!)  

ALL credit goes to my awesome friend GREEN who ran with the idea and who brained stormed the above, this being one of the reasons I love him with a million floaty hearts 

 I KNOW I promised a BlueRidge post...I'm still working on it ;)  


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