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Hello Dream Width, heard yor missed me! It's been a non stop go go go with our Dance company, and today I am leaving for a week long tour with them to SPAIN! As promised, I'll have some great new essays starting June 1st!
In the meantime check out a "photo essay" of sorts and find out WHY the world needs ART!

So lovely. Thank you for this, @oji_dannelley, and your message needs to be heard. #poweron #disabilitypride #365dayswithdisability ・・・ A few weeks ago our Artistic Director challenged us to answer the following question: "WHY should people support physically integrated dance?" A lot of good answers were forth coming, and I thought about what my own personal goals are as a dancer with Full Radius.  As a parent and a former teacher having the chance to help children envision their future was always a moving and powerful thing.  All of them deserve to think "outside of the box" and Art nurtures and encourages that in their minds. ALL KIDS.  There is a real image that physically integrated dance brings to the world.  Especially for children with physical disabilities, who are not memes lookings with far fetched dreams of the dance. One of the amazing realities is that when the community supports the arts and specifically companies like Full Radius Dance, then little girls and boys in wheelchairs, or with any disability can, will  and DO grow up to be professional dancers.  This photo is the product of a project that counters the "inspirational" memes that have someone with a disability longing to be abled body.  They do not need to be fixed, only challenged to open their minds to new possibilities.  Full Radius Dance believes: Your body is perfect. Your body has undiscovered movement. Your body should experience dance.” That is why I work for them, why I support them and why I think you should too.  Please consider becoming a sustaining member and joining our Circle of Support now with your one-time or monthly gift. Donate securely online or by mail to Full Radius Dance / P.O. Box 54453 / Atlanta, GA 30308. Please see the link to our site below.

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