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 An open letter to Amy Purdy and the cast and crew of Dancing with the Stars 
Dear Amy, 
First, I think you are amazing.
That said, I'd like to put before you a thought about a way you can REALLY help the disability community. PLEASE, stop allowing the folks on DWTS (I'm a big fan BTW) from CONSTANTLY calling you "inspirational". Folks with disabilities are sick and tired of being the focus of making the able bodied feel better by being their "inspiration". If you don't believe me, ask in the many communities peopled by the disabled and you will come to understand that you are in a rare and gift of an opportunity to use your participation to make a point. "Judge my dancing, judge my ability but STOP STOP STOP belittling all of that with the "I" word." (It is noted that Glen is less guilty of this so far and it's appreciated) 
It really matters, Amy, and it IS being taken note by your contemporaries. I was taking part is a conference today called "Nothing About Us, Without Us" and how the over use of the word was ruining the chance to educate the public about treating all of us in an truly EQUAL format. You are an athlete in the para Olympic games, and you would never accept the judges using anything other than your ability to measure your success. 
Please Amy, you really can do a wonderful thing with your wit (loved you on Jimmy K) and charm to educated the public. Ask the DWTS cast and crew to STOP using the word inspirational. We of the community ARE watching and hoping that THIS opportunity will not be allowed to slip away.  Thank you for listening. 


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