Date: 2016-06-07 03:16 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I have been going through the same problem for the last couple of years and had to stop working as my body is in pain none stop and sometimes it's so bad I could cry but still get up and push myself to the limits I just wish the could tell me a name of what it is so I could shove it in bosses face as she has treated me like shit for being taken off of work for my pain without enough notice I have been six weeks almost with no income still in bad pain pins and needles when my feet hit the floor and back pain and neck pain and wrist pain and no strength in my arms and hands that was bearable to work 8 hours on my feet I pushed my way through it day after day but then came to a point where walking has become unbearable and limping around my work place like I just gotten run over by a car by the beginning of my shift.My boss begain telling people I was lazy and moody and even tried to get me to wear a boot that was her daughters to offering me some of her meds to stay and do my shift .I have worked since I been 15 started then and didn't stop and work up until I was 45 and hate being home every day to the point of no return I've been gaining weight because I can't do much of anything but sitting I've had A.D.D and my mind won't stop but by body has and been treated like shit sitting home starving waiting for money which I've payed into my whole life to not knowing what's coming next .I so feel your pain
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