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My time in the dancing world has demonstrated to me that dancers in general all have different styles of learning choreography  Some are "counters" and use the number beats to train the body into the series of moves in a piece, layering the music in afterwards.  Others seem to do the opposite, using the musical cues to frame the movement, using numbered beats to be synchronize with the other dancers.  Still there are some who just seem to see the moves once and it becomes almost instantly embedded into their bodies. Then there are folks like me, who have to repeat the movement over and over again to learn the dance  My poor brain seems to have a layering process where it goes from the broad sense of the movement, firmly anchored to counts where repetition slowly (sometimes VERY slowly) adds all the extra finesses in each phrase.  Then the counts seems to fade as the music itself takes over as cues.  This is when I know I GOT it,  When I start to feel the freedom of my work.  When the performance becomes joy.

This week was my "secret challenge" as I had to let go all these regular methods of doing things.  The pace of the time from choreographing the piece to performance was so very different, I thought I'd never be able to do it.  Seriously this was a week of high panic in my mind as I fought my anxiety to want to do things the way I was more comfortable in body.  It was a week of trust as well.  Trust in my fellow dancers, choreographers and myself.  A friend said, "If the director didn't think you could do it, he wouldn't have you up there.  I wasn't sure in my heart, but I took the challenge.  Last night was the proof in the pudding and I have to say, so truly humble, that I was proud of the work.  So much so, that I share with you our performance at Temple Kehillat Chaim for Disability Awareness Month. 
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                        last rehearsal before the show....................